1. Car cleaning glove

2. Round eyeballs or small round Styrofoam balls

3. White pipe cleaners

4. Glue gun

5. Stuffing for glove (cotton, old rags ripped up, paper towel, etc)

6. Black felt or paint for eyeballs

I went to my local dollar store and found the car gloves for very cheap there, along with the other supplies

First I took the glove and stuffed it with old rags until it was nice and plump, and folded in the elastic part of the glove that fits around your wrist and sealed it with glue

Secondly I did three different versions of the eyeballs, the monsters either had one, two or three eyeballs.  The monsters with three eyeballs I just glued the eyeballs right to the glove. The monsters with one or two eyeballs I first glued onto the end of a pipe cleaner which I then glued to the glove.  I found since the eye balls were heavy for the pipe cleaners, it was best to first create a closed circle the same size as the eyeball at the end of the pipe cleaner and put a thin layer of glue all around the circle and fit the circle onto the eyeball.

I folded the pipe cleaner in half for the monsters who had two eyeballs and on either end of the cleaners I created the closed circle.  I glued the middle of the pipe cleaner to the glove.  With the monsters who only had one eyeball, I simply repeated the same step I did with creating the circle at the end of the pipe cleaner and glued the eyeball to the circular part. To make the eyeball more sturdy I wrapped the straight part of the pipe cleaner around my finger to make it all curly and then glued the end part to the glove!