Is it just me or do little boys seem to get more energetic and crazy the older they get...I thought with my twin boys the golden age would be around 4 when they would chill out a bit and make life a bit easier on this mama...but no life seems to get crazier with them, waking up earler then they ever have, constantly engaging in dangerous activities and wow that energy is insane. But as I write this at 10pm at night when the house is quiet and the little ones are fast asleep I know I wouldn't want to change a thing and can definitely say they keep me on my feet and laughing everyday...Yes little boys and girls are a lot of work and twin boys are 10 times the amount, but I feel so lucky and blessed that I was chosen to be the mom of two amazing, funny, loving and smart twin boys...They are fighters, showing us from the very beginning that they were strong, determined and full of spunk and I know that I'm going to miss all their spunk terribly when they start kindergarten in September.


What age have you found the most tiring with your kiddies?